Music is the silence between the notes.
— Claude Debussy

Alan Hanslik is an American composer/musician/producer. He began playing music growing up in Brooklyn Ohio, first on accordion, piano and then drums. Playing in local bands and eventually touring with Jon Washington of the British group, the Fortunes. Settling in Los Angeles, he gigged through-out the LA jazz scene and started writing and composing. Drawn to the electronic world of synthesizes, Alan wrote and produced his first Electronic, Techno and EDM singles and albums. He continued to compose and write, releasing over 9 albums and 7 singles. Alan formed collaborations with his band Hanslik & Moniz Experiment, writing and releasing Electronic/Alternative/Experimental albums. Alan started writing for film and has composed soundtracks for features films and movies.  Alan formed his own record label and produces all his music under OnaiMusic Recordings & OnaiMusic Publishing.

Alan is currently writing, releasing and performing solo and with the following group collaborations

Alan Hanslik - New Age, Electronic, Contemporary Classical, Soundtrack

Hanslik & Moniz Experiment - Electronic, Experimental



Award for the best Ambient / Instrumental Album - 'Precious Memory'

‘This pensive ambient artwork is conceived around themes of memory and connection, and its style much reflects that preoccupation; Alan Hanslik has a genius for rendering the thought dimension.’

Award for the best Electronica Song - 'Kick It'

‘Ominous be expectant, ‘Kick it’ deftly deploys rumble filter effects and lucid synth arpeggiations to deck out a nervy, capable groove.’

Award for best Ambient / Instrumental Album - 'The Visitor'

‘Hanslik & Moniz Experiment’s ‘The Visitor’ is marvelously wrought, not just technically, but in its patient sensitivity to space and cadence – you will be hard pressed to find a more nuanced practitioner, and this album captures the best of their art.’


Alan started with piano and accordion at a very young age, eventually switching to drums. Playing drums and percussion professionally through-out his career, Alan always kept a piano close by. Along the way, he picked up guitar and starting writing and composing in earnest on both instruments.

Alan was also drawn to the synthesizer world and started to record and produce music in his own studio. Writing included piano and acoustic guitar compositions and various electronic music. While developing a fully equipped acoustic and electronic studio, Alan applied outbound synthesizers along with software plug-ins. to create a wide range of music including: Soundtrack, Symphonic and Electronica.

Writing, recording and producing all his own music - he has released countless albums and singles in varying genres. Although interested and capable in writing in many forms, Alan’s music started to be identified as something that would go well with a movie. This led to a strong interested and desire to focus on soundtrack compositions. From cues, to incidental, underscore to major themes along with sound-design with all elements of a film score.

Writing for video, commercial and music videos, were some of his first projects. Now scoring for films - has become his primary focus. Composing interests also include TV, Trailers, Video Gaming, Dance and specialized projects as well. 

Alan enjoys composing in most any form but loves writing for the visual medium.  Being an avid film/tv buff, hearing and being able to create music to support a story and convey the emotional elements of a film and scene is wonderfully satisfying.